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October means leaves falling, pumpkin spice everything, lots of candy, and our last tournament of the calendar year! The Varsity Fishing October Tournament will take place at Lake Eufaula on Oct 4th and will be our biggest one yet. As a reminder, we will be fishing under the Varsity Fishing team tournament scoring system. Each team member can contribute up to 3 of the 6 fish limit. If a team's boat has only one livewell, non-piercing culling tags must be used to indicate which bass belong to each teammate. No personal weigh in bags will be allowed, only Varsity Fishing weigh in bags may be used. Thank you to all of our volunteers and participants who have competed during the fall portion of the 2020-2021 Varsity Fishing Tournament Series! Now for the October Tournament Details...




Eufaula Cove Marina, North Ramp

400 Lakeshore Dr, Eufaula, OK 74432



Briefing is optional but recommended.

October 3rd, Eufaula Cove Marina at the north ramp at 4:00pm

tournament Schedule


Check-in begins at 5:00am and lasts until take off.

All participants must check in at the tent and every boat must pass inspection.


College Level:

Take off from the north ramp at Eufaula Cove Marina at 7:00am or safe light

Weigh in begins at 2:00pm


High School Level:

Take off from the north ramp at Eufaula Cove Marina at 7:30am or safe light

Weigh in begins at 3:00pm

Participants may enter online until Saturday, Oct 3rd at noon. Participants may enter the tournament in person the day-of by cash only before 6:00am. A late entry fee of $10 will apply. All participants must check-in prior to take off to verify entry and boat chaperone information. If a participant wishes to compete as an individual, they are allowed to weigh 6 fish to count towards the team awards with only the top three counting towards individual awards and season totals.

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